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Dependable Electrical Services

You can count on us to be honest and precise. We take great pride in providing versatile electrical services for all your residential electrical needs.

Garage Door


We specialize in installing electrical wiring in all types of new residential. New customers receive an on-site quote, while our existing customers can get an estimate based on blueprints. Furthermore, our team will get you all the city permits needed to move forward with an installation. Get pricing for:

• Landscaping Wiring
• House Wiring
• Garage Wiring
• Property Management Companies
• Shop Wiring
• Basement Renovations
• Hot Tub Installations
• Farm and Acreage Wiring
• Pool Installations
• Electrical Car Charger                   Installations
• Ariel Service Truck


When remodeling your home, we can handle the electrical aspects of your project. We specialize in alternative energy sources, to reduce carbon footprint.


We believe there's always room for improvement. Over time, breakdowns happen and different aspects of your electrical system may experience wear and tear. We're available for emergencies and will get you up and running again in a timely manner.


Our team does a lot of hands-on maintenance in apartment buildings and condominiums throughout the Edmonton, Alberta, vicinity. Our top orders include:

• Circuit Breakdowns • Car Plugs for Block Heaters • Lighting Issues • Internal Wiring

Make the Smarter Move

How would you like to control switches using an app on your phone? At TRIAD ELECTRIC, we make this possible. Get a state-of-the-art smart house that elevates style, convenience, and comfort. During the initial phases of construction, our team installs the wires. Later, during the finishing stages, we'll polish the look of your home by installing any electrical feature you have in mind. Our clients' top picks includes:

• Fixtures • Receptacles • Waterfalls • Fountains • Pools